Is cohousing for me?

People of all ages and life situations benefit from cohousing:

Families: Kids have peers to play with just outside their front door. Parents will no longer need to constantly drive their kids to play dates because there will always be other kids nearby to play with. Community members watch out for each other, so parents can let their kids run free like children did in yesteryear.

Couples: Even in a partnership, individuals sometimes feel lonely. Experts have found that it is unrealistic for an individual in a couple to expect his/her partner to provide for all of his/her needs. Cohousing is a great way to both enjoy your partnership and forge close friendships with other community members for a more fulfilling home life.

Singles: Cohousing is a great way to both enjoy your own space and solitude, while having the option of socializing whenever you like. Someone is always around to hang out with, so it is easy to jump from your own quiet home into a conversation or activity with a neighbor.

Retirees: Studies have shown that the greatest determining factor for longevity is social connectedness. Nevertheless, in their golden years, seniors often find themselves living in isolation. Cohousing makes aging in place possible, and is a wonderful alternative to a retirement community. Many seniors prefer to live in a multi-generational situation in which they can share the aging process with others who are also experiencing it, while also watching little kids playing in their community. It is the best of both worlds.

Pet Owners: No need to board your pet when you go on vacation. It will be easy enough for one of the community members to check on your pet and take him/her for a walk while you are away.

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